The Lord Chief Justice says…

We see but a part of the UK’s Justice system and are quick to complain about its shortcomings but the challenges are not always obvious nor the competing demands of other areas of the law.

A quick skim of this year’s report from our most senior judge, which can be accessed here, is informative. UK Justice is a great export with this country often being the jurisdiction of choice. Many other jurisdictions would welcome the accountability and independence of the UK judicial process and as we reflect on further reforms and change (Briggs – online Courts; Jackson – extending fixed costs and of course MoJ on whiplash and small claims) we should step back and remember that they cannot be viewed in isolation.

The rule of law is one of the great pillars of our system (and it does involve reminding / telling Government that it has got things wrong – from time to time) and as we respond to these consultations we should do so constructively: it may not be perfect but it’s not bad and we have a responsibility to make it better – all of it.

Terry Renouf, partner, BLM

Written by Terry Renouf, consultant, BLM

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