Scope of motor insurance – two cases now granted permission by the Supreme Court

Two cases which explore different aspects of the compulsory motor insurance regime are to be heard by the Supreme Court in due course.

The first is UK Insurance v R & S Pilling, which stems from a vehicle fire which caused property damage. We reported last month that the Supreme Court had granted permission: use of vehicle to receive further judicial scrutiny

Cameron v Hussain & LV is the second, and permission here was secured just before Christmas. The circumstances were that the claimant applied to issue proceedings against an unknown person, ie the unnamed driver at the time of the accident of vehicle registration X insured under policy Y  issued by the second defendant. This was instead of the more conventional route of making a claim under the MIB’s untraced agreement. Our blog from late May last year – Harry Potter and the Untraced Driver – explains the background in more detail.

It is very likely that it will be several months (or more) before either case is heard. We will report on progress as and when there are developments in either case.

ak Written by Alistair Kinley, director of policy and government affairs at BLM

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