Limited escooter trial scheme begins in Dublin

Dublin City University has just started the first trial in Ireland of escooters – on campus only – and its recent press release on the topic is noticeably up-beat and includes a very positive quote from Transport Minister Naughton. She refers to Ireland “leading the way  in the space of the use of escooters” and intends to “progress the necessary legislation for the safe use of escooters in Ireland.”

All that said, it appears there may be as few as 30 scooters in the trial and their immediate use might well be quite limited because of the timing of the launch, given that DCU students completed their second semester several weeks ago. In addition, the Department has yet to set out its preferred policy direction following a pre-pandemic consultation, which closed more than 20 months ago in November 2019, on the use and regulation of personal powered transporters.

As with the escooter trials in the UK, this one “will run until early 2022”, suggesting it might conclude during the second semester of DCU’s 2021/22 year. So perhaps we may see an early version of “the necessary legislation” in the second quarter of next year?

Written by Alistair Kinley, Director of Policy and Government Affairs at BLM

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