E-scooters: getting you up to speed

Last summer the government acted to permit the use of hired e-scooters in pre-approved local authority areas in England & Wales. There are now over 30 trials taking place, with a scheme in London finally taking off this July. Aside from these trials, which are due to run until March 2022, road use of privately-owned scooters remains illegal and while various police forces have run targeted enforcement and seizure campaigns, ever-increasing numbers of the public seem happy to flout the ban (or may not even be aware of it) and ride on the roads and on the pavements.

One source has already recorded 10 deaths involving scooters and dozens of serious accidents. Motor insurers and transport companies are beginning to see claims notifications and are preparing defences and handling strategies. The following are among early key questions to consider.

• What are the risk and insurance issues raised by e-scooters?
• What are the duties of care, if any, owed towards riders and what duties do they have?
• Will highway authorities need to revise approaches to inspection and maintenance given the presence of scooters?
• What weight would defences such as illegality have and how might arguments of rider contributory negligence play out?
• Who is making a play for e-scooter claims and how will they manage them?
• Will, or should, e-scooter claims be notified using either of the existing portals?

We’d love you to join us for an online discussion on about e-scooter risks, regulation and practical claims issues on Monday 11th October from 14:30 to 16:00.

Our programme is being finalised and will be sent to you, along with joining instructions, in the week before the event. In the meantime, please register your interest here and do take a look at our dedicated e-scooter section on our website.

UPDATE – 11 October – The recording of our e-scooters webinar is now available here.

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