Latest data from Official Injury Claim – trends / headlines?

Claims data for the period December 2021 – March 2022 (inclusive) has been released by Official Injury Claim. This means there are now 10 months of experience of OIC’s operation given that it was introduced to facilitate the notification and processing of claims falling within the RTA Small Claims Protocol which was introduced from 31 May 2021. Fast track RTA claims continue to be processed via the Claims Portal Co (often referred to as the MoJ Portal).

The latest OIC data report runs to 15 pages and can be consulted here. Among the headlines are the following.

  • Claims notified via OIC now average around 25,000 per month.
  • The split between represented and unrepresented claimants remains around ten to one (91%:9%).
  • Around two thirds of cases (64%) include a statutory whiplash injury plus another injury and nearly a third (32%) include statutory whiplash injuries only.
  • Two in five (38%) unrepresented claimants claim exceptional injuries/circumstances whereas only one in four (23%) represented claimants does so.
  • Settlement data has been released for the first time, showing 17,607 claims being settled since introduction of the service and 93% of those settling in whiplash tariff bands of up to nine months’ duration of symptoms (which is unsurprising given that the service has been running for ten months).

Combining OIC data with that from Claims Portal Co indicates average monthly claims numbers of around 32,000 since OIC was introduced. Although this is notably lower than pre-reform, pre-Covid averages of more than 55,000 cases per month in the Claims Portal, the latest OIC data report notes that direct comparison is difficult, stating that “There are significant non-service factors influencing driver behaviour and accident rate. These include the impact of Covid-19 as well as the general economic factors of cost and inflation that will indirectly influence vehicle miles and vehicle parc and ultimately accident rate.”

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