Discount rate – Government response to Select Committee commits to changing the law

The Government (Ministry of Justice) announced this morning (noted in an earlier blog) that it will change the law on the discount rate for personal injury claims via the Civil Liability Bill, which will be introduced in the House of Lords later today and available on line tomorrow. And the MoJ also today issued its formal response to the Justice Select Committee’s November 2017 report on the earlier draft version of the discount rate legislation (itself published in September 2017). The body of this piece offers some first thoughts on the response paper.

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Further authority on non-delegable duty and vicarious liability – Razumas v Ministry of Justice

Debate on the scope of the frequently-linked issues of non-delegable duty of care and vicarious liability remains extremely active and was recently reconsidered by the High Court in a judgment handed down on 12 February 2018. Continue reading

Big promises on small claims?

David Lidington MP, Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, appeared before the Commons Justice Select Committee earlier today (25 October) and re-confirmed that the Government intends to increase the small claims limit for personal injury claims to £5,000 for road traffic claims (whiplash injuries, in particular) and to £2,000 for other types of injury.

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