Personal injury discount rate in Northern Ireland to move closer to English or Scottish models

The Northern Ireland Department of Justice NI today issued, as had been expected before the summer break, a consultation paper on changing the legal framework by which the personal injury discount rate (PIDR) may be set. By coincidence, the consultation follows only a week after a similar exercise was launched by the Justice Department in Dublin.

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Covid-19 and business interruption insurance: FCA fast tracks proposed test case

The financial services regulator (the FCA) has today (1 June) set out the detail of its test case strategy to address the dispute about business interruption insurance and Covid-19. In just over a month it has secured a representative sample of policy wordings which it is seeking to test in the High Court in mid-July.

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Chair of Justice Select Committee releases letter on whiplash reforms

Last week the Ministry of Justice responded to the Justice Committee’s report on small claims published in May. Paragraph 36 of the MoJ’s response confirms that the Government will postpone implementation of the whiplash and small claims reform programme until at least April 2020. Justice Committee Chair Bob Neill MP then wrote to the Secretary of State for Justice to seek further clarification on certain aspects of the reforms. Continue reading