Harrison’s antiphrasis

This title may sound like a very unwelcome medical condition. What I am actually describing is what yesterday appeared to me to be the ability of the new Roads Minister – Trudy Harrison MP, or perhaps those who prepared her speaking brief – to say one thing but mean more or less the opposite during her speech at the end of the short Parliamentary debate on the impact of the Vnuk and Lewis cases on motor insurance.

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Vnuk: Theresa Villiers MP has secured a debate on the topic this afternoon

Parliament is set to debate the impact of the Vnuk decision at 4:30pm today – more than seven years after the decision of the European Court…

The Commons Library has prepared a useful research paper on how that case, and other subsequent rulings such as Lewis v Tindale & MIB, have affected the motor insurance market. The government response at the conclusion of what will be a short debate could / should offer the relevant DfT minister a great opportunity finally to put some flesh on the bones of very broad and entirely non-specific statements made by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps MP earlier this year and reported here on this blog.

We’ll watch the proceedings later on and report back before the end of the week.

Alistair Kinley – Director of Policy & Government Affairs

E-scooter incident data due to be published by government before year end

Recent news points to useful data relating to e-scooters becoming available over the next few months.

First is the statement last week from DfT Roads Minister Rachel MacLean that “We intend to publish data on e-scooters and other vehicle types which can be reliably identified from the free text field [in the STATS19 accident database used by police forces] alongside the annual Reported Road Casualties Great Britain statistics publication in September 2021. In the future, the STATS19 data collection system will be amended so that e-scooters (and similar) can be identified as a vehicle type”. Second is Ms MacLean’s confirmation just yesterday that in respect of the ongoing e-scooter trials, “An interim report summarizing findings from the data collected so far will be published in autumn 2021, with a final report due in spring 2022.”

We’ll be looking out for that interim report and will of course post our analysis of the DfT’s interim findings on this blog just as soon as we can after publication.

Written by Alistair Kinley, Director of Policy and Government Affairs at BLM