Maran UK v Begum – does English law apply to a fatal accident in a Bangladeshi shipbreakers?

In this recent decision the High Court refused to strike out a claim brought in England by the widow of a Bangladeshi ship worker who had died when he fell during the breaking of a ship disposed of in Bangladesh by an English company. The case turned on the existence (or not) of a duty of care and on the applicable law.

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Ogden 8 – A reduction in multipliers and other important points to note

The eighth edition of the Ogden Tables was published on Friday 17 July 2020. This latest edition provides a new set of tables, and explanatory notes, to guide and inform the approach to the valuation of lump sum awards for future losses. Unlike in previous additions, there is now a short section of the explanatory notes addressing text dealing with periodical payments.

The main headline change for those dealing with high value claims is a reduction in the level of multipliers as a result of a slowdown in life expectancy improvement compared with the assumptions that were adopted when the seventh edition was produced. A change to those figures was anticipated in BLM’s previous blog in November 2019, a copy of which can be accessed here. 

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Improving road safety and roads policing – call and response?

On Monday 13 July the DfT opened a call for evidence about roads policing, seeking “to identify which current methods work best plus how the capability and capacity of enforcement services can be enhanced.” This will run until early October. Just 48 hours later Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services published “Roads Policing: Not optional” making 13 very clear recommendations in this area.

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