Jurisdiction in European claims: latest CJEU decision on ‘weaker party’ suing in home state

The recent decision in of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in CNP v Gefion C-913/19 examines questions of jurisdiction under the Brussels 1 (Recast) Regulation following an assignment of the underlying claim, which arose from a motor accident, to a commercial entity. The case also touches on the provisions of the Regulation dealing with a defendant company having a branch in another Member State.

Despite Brexit, the approach adopted in this case will remain binding in relation to cross border cases connected to the UK in which proceedings were issued before the end of the transition period, i.e. by 31 December 2020.

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Brexit: la reine le veult (?)

The European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill concluded its passage through Parliament on Wednesday and received Royal Assent yesterday. It is now an Act which sets out the terms on which the UK will leave the EU next week, on 31 January. It might be thought ironic in the circumstances that French language – albeit from the Norman era and meaning ‘the Queen wills it’ – is still used to signify this final legislative formality. An important provision of the Act concerns the interaction of the key dates of “exit day” and “implementation period completion day”.

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The Queen’s Speech 2019: a new programme with an emphasis on Brexit

The Queen’s Speech today is the second is as many months. The intervening election last week makes it dramatically different from that in October in that it sets out a full legislative programme of a-now-majority Government. Brexit looms large, with the EU (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill arguably the flagship bill. Around forty other bills are mentioned in the official background papers which run to over 150 pages. Several of interest are highlighted in the body of this piece.

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