Whiplash: pre-registration begins

The ‘reveal’ yesterday of the website for the new whiplash claims service – with user registration opening at https://www.officialinjuryclaim.org.uk/ – marks the end of the near-total silence which fell over the reform programme before last month’s election and during the Christmas and New Year break. This doesn’t, of itself, mean that the proposed go-live date of 6 April 2020 is now beyond doubt, but I think it has become more likely as a consequence.

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Civil Liability Bill – brief report on Committee stage day one

The Commons Committee examining the Bill voted along party lines on the amendments, on 11 September. Opposition amendments, as set out in our earlier posts, were either voted down or withdrawn at this stage, although the issues look likely to be revisited by the whole House at a later date as the Bill progresses. Continue reading