Business interruption test case moves closer to trial on 20 July

The second case management conference in the FCA business interruption insurance test case took place today. The court allowed groups of policyholders – the Hiscox Action Group and Hospitality Insurance Action Group – to intervene in the hearing and made other detailed orders about the management of the case during the three weeks before the trial begins on 20 July.

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Further news on FCA business interruption insurance test case

On 10 June the regulator provided an update on the BI test case, having initiated declaratory proceedings on 9 June as planned. The update covers a wealth of material, including the claim form, the particulars of claim and further information on the factual hypotheses against which the sample business interruption policy wordings are to be tested.

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Civil Liability Bill – brief report on Committee stage day one

The Commons Committee examining the Bill voted along party lines on the amendments, on 11 September. Opposition amendments, as set out in our earlier posts, were either voted down or withdrawn at this stage, although the issues look likely to be revisited by the whole House at a later date as the Bill progresses. Continue reading