Supreme Court – recent permissions to appeal

The court’s decisions in January & February on applications for permission to appeal were published just before the Easter break. Only a few of the cases in which permission was granted touch on issues relevant to casualty insurance. The legal aspects of fatal accidents happening abroad, but pursued before the English courts, will once again be examined by the court, which has granted permission in the complicated case of Four Seasons v Brownlie

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Knauer v MoJ (Supreme Court 28 January 2016): the assessment multipliers in fatal claims

On 28 January seven Justices of the Supreme Court heard the case of Knauer v Ministry of Justice (MoJ). The case has been covered previously on this blog and turns on the date for the assessment of multipliers in claims for future loss of dependency under the Fatal Accidents Act 1976. The sole question for the Supreme Court is whether the appropriate date for the calculation is the date of death or the date of trial? The former represents the current common law which the appellant is seeking to overturn. Continue reading

End of term flood of Ministerial announcements, including court fees & LASPO

Today, the last day before the Christmas recess, the Government made 36 Ministerial Statements, which is some three times more than the seasonal number of Lords-a-leaping. (These were written statements issued by Ministers in both Houses, so no Peer or MP indulged in acrobatics of any sort.) Statements from the Ministry of Justice on further court fee increases (which will be implemented soon) and on the LASPO Act 2012 (which is to be reviewed and extended to insolvency litigation) are summarised in this post. There is also reference to reviewing mesothelioma claims. Continue reading