Stage 1 report on Scottish industrial disease NHS charges bill published

On 18 December 2020, the Scottish Parliament’s Health and Sport Committee published its stage 1 report on the Liability for NHS Charges (Treatment of Industrial Disease) (Scotland) Bill. If enacted, this member’s bill would allow recovery by the state of charges incurred by the health service in the provision of treatment to pursuers with industrial disease but only where the cause of action arises after commencement of the new law. A link to the committee’s report is here. A link to the bill as introduced is here. The next stage for this bill is for the Scottish Parliament to debate and vote on the general principles of it before 15 January 2021. If the bill passes that vote it will move to stage 2 of the 3 stage legislative process. Amendment is possible at both stages 2 and 3. This legislation will have to pass all three stages before dissolution of the current session of the Scottish Parliament ahead of a 6 May 2021 election or it will fall.

In this blog we summarise the main points of the committee’s stage 1 report:

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