BLM discusses the new Ogden Tables

Following the publication of the eighth edition of the tables late last week, Alistair Kinley and Andrew Williamson outline their views on the key changes to the tables of personal injury multipliers and address some of the new points of emphasis in the accompanying explanatory notes. Their video presentation builds on our news article of 20 July about this latest edition of the tables and can be viewed below.

To view the video in full screen, please click here to be directed to our YouTube channel.

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Discount rate announcement due by 31 January

The Ministry of Justice will conclude its long-standing review of the discount rate used to calculate personal injury awards by 31 January 2017. This news appeared at 07:00 this morning with the Ministry releasing a regulatory news story on the London Stock Exchange’s news feed. The full text of the RNS may be found here

As that piece recognises, there could be “profound financial consequences of even a marginal change to the discount rate.” Perhaps this passage may hint at why advance notice of a mainstream policy announcement about personal injury law was made via the Stock Exchange rather than the via MoJ’s press office?

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