Harrison’s antiphrasis

This title may sound like a very unwelcome medical condition. What I am actually describing is what yesterday appeared to me to be the ability of the new Roads Minister – Trudy Harrison MP, or perhaps those who prepared her speaking brief – to say one thing but mean more or less the opposite during her speech at the end of the short Parliamentary debate on the impact of the Vnuk and Lewis cases on motor insurance.

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Proposal at the Scottish Parliament for a Scottish Employment Injuries Advisory Council Bill

A recently-proposed Member’s Bill at the Scottish Parliament would, if enacted, set up a new Scottish Council to “research, shape and scrutinise the social security available to people injured in the course of their employment”, with a continuing duty to advise and recommend changes. The proposal will only proceed to the three-stage Scottish legislative process if it attracts cross-party support from at least 18 MSPs in addition to its proposer, Mark Griffin MSP (Scottish Labour).

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Vnuk: Theresa Villiers MP has secured a debate on the topic this afternoon

Parliament is set to debate the impact of the Vnuk decision at 4:30pm today – more than seven years after the decision of the European Court…

The Commons Library has prepared a useful research paper on how that case, and other subsequent rulings such as Lewis v Tindale & MIB, have affected the motor insurance market. The government response at the conclusion of what will be a short debate could / should offer the relevant DfT minister a great opportunity finally to put some flesh on the bones of very broad and entirely non-specific statements made by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps MP earlier this year and reported here on this blog.

We’ll watch the proceedings later on and report back before the end of the week.

Alistair Kinley – Director of Policy & Government Affairs